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We find solutions that work harder for your budget.

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We helped UK-production company Carnage make their coast-to-coast road trip concept a reality. In this digital series for Shell Energy, two teams crossed the USA using the lowest CO2 emissions possible in the ultimate efficiency challenge.


EVO wrangled 60+ crew, 55 picture vehicles, 16 cameras and 40 locations over 21 shoot days.


Our network extends from coast-to-coast.

EVO produced a 2-day, multi-location documentary shoot for this profile of the Asian hip-hop collective, 88rising - making the most of the LA urban landscape on a competitive budget.


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Production doesn't have to stop just because your teams clocks-off.

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Shot on steadicam in Florida with pro-golfer Jim Furyk, EVO's East-coast team matched frame compositions already filmed in the UK to create this seamless commercial spot for Aberdeen Standard Investments.

"EVO are very unusual… because they are right up there for creativity but also impeccable at production and logistics. These characteristics very rarely go hand-in-hand but to have a shop that can provide incredible understanding of creative married with smart-priced logistics and a happy to help attitude makes them an absolute first point of call for any project no matter how big or small" 


- Will Ingham | Founder and Creative Director, WING



For more information, get in touch with our EP / Founder Matt Green.

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