Creative | Production | Post-Production

The Ask:


To produce engaging and captivating social content that would bring to life the new partnership between Naomi Osaka and TAG Heuer.


The scope of the project was focused on creating a distinct set of visual assets to celebrate the arrival of Naomi as a TAG Heuer global ambassador. Through both an eye-catching reveal film and additional social content that would roll-out over the year around marquee events.  


The content would form the backbone of the storytelling around Naomi and her relationship with the TAG Heuer brand. The campaign needed to come across as authentic but purposeful - while maintaining the  premium feel associated with the luxury brand.

Our Response:


We set out with the goal to create something that felt effortless and authentically Naomi despite the production challenges we would face. Shot on location in LA, all of the content was captured over the course of just several hours due to talent availability. On account of COVID-19 safety concerns and the time considerations, thorough planning and designated zones were set-up to carefully and efficiently execute the shoot.   


Utilizing a single epic location ‘The Goldstein Residence’ with its multiple stand-out areas, we made our location work very hard for us, with EVO director Magellan bringing his flair to proceedings on the day. From the tennis court overlooking downtown to the minimal clean lines of the Skyspace installation, it was all visually arresting. 

Ja Tecson was onboard photographing stills in conjunction with the film modules.  Ja was able to authentically capture Naomi Osaka and the TAG Heuer brand.  Strongly showcasing the emergence of the dynamic partnership.

The Results:

The TAG Heuer x Naomi Osaka brand ambassador reveal received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Including an exclusive partnership film featured on Harper’s Bazaar.  The story was picked up by other prominent online publications including  the likes of HYPEBEAST and L’Officiel.