Art In Motion

Creative | Production | Post-Production

The Ask:


Aligned with the launch of the 2021 Bentayga SUV, Bentley wanted to create a series called ‘Art In Motion’ to celebrate the power of inspiration as it crossed over generations.  


Three prolific young artists were chosen to create an original work of art, each inspired by different bespoke Bentayga. 


Working alongside Secret Walls and Iris Worldwide, EVO’s task was to create a unique film for each artist that captured their journey from influence to realization of their artistic creations, drawing inspiration from the new Bentayga.


In addition to each of the three artist films, we were tasked with producing a 30-second teaser and a wrap up film with artist interviews, to dive deeper into the artist’s inspirations and aspirations for the project.

The Response:


Our creative approach was to focus each of the main three artist films on a different new aspect of the 2021 Bentayga; illumination, diamond geometry, and strong body lines. 


While keeping a consistent overall feel to the campaign, we wanted each film to feel unique and reflect the refined nature of the SUV as well as the artist’s personality. 


Although each film had to be shot in the same warehouse location, we were able to differentiate each piece by creating in-depth shot lists and making slight lighting adjustments for each artist and car pairing. 


A challenge on this project was combining and balancing the high-end luxury brand aesthetic of Bentley while also representing the authentic and grittier nature of the street art world. In the end, the three films feel premium while respecting the essence of each artist. 

The Results:


The ‘Art In Motion’ project was a success across the board for our clients. Our agency partners at Iris Worldwide were thrilled with the final product and Bentley’s top brass credited it as being one of the best branded content projects in recent memory.


The project received a vast amount of PR exposure across art and automotive online publications.


Due to EVO over-delivering on production value for the full films, we were tasked with creating over 30 additional deliverables to help push the project across multiple social platforms.